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Welcome to The Green Blanket; my very own passion project dedicated to traveling into a conversation on what brings joy to the heart and consciously considering how the very important relationships with people, spaces, and things make up our

 experiences, attitudes, actions,  memories,  

...and life!

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The Green Blanket blog has been an evolution - a reflection of who I am and how I've grown; and everything in between. It started as one thing but has changed into something a bit bolder and deeper. But truth be told, "the green blanket" is an actual blanket... so that's where we'll start! Its a special gift I received as a child made for me by my grandma (which has never left my side since).  It represents everything about her: warm, comforting, soft, and safe.  It brings me affection, appreciation, perspective, memories, and joy. It was a gift given with love...So naturally, when I decided to write a blog about matters from my heart, I decided it should be called The Green Blanket. Right?!?


The Green Blanket represents who I am in this moment, who I've been in the past,  how deeply I care for others, the truth about reality and that everything doesn't go as planned,  what dreams & thoughts occupy my multi-passionate mind, and so much more. I hold closely the responsibility of honoring your time and sharing stories worthy of your attention while sharing a warm perspective about relationships in life. 

I hope you enjoy getting to know The Green Blanket





Snuggle under your favorite blanket and join me while we go on a journey to think about the relationships we have with the things in our life


These ideas and stories are something I've been thinking about sharing with you for a long time. You specifically have been the center of my blog since the beginning... I've thought about what might be important to share and how it might give consideration to whatever you are searching for...and now I'm super pumped you're here!

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