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Appreciating 2020 from Asheboro

2020 has been quite a ride so far - true or false? Clearly true.

For all of us, our lives have been impacted in unexpected ways this year and its not even fall yet. Even though I've spent more time at home enjoying the simplicity of a quarantined life for what feels like at least 10 years this year, I had a distinct internal rumbling of needing adventure; and that didn't mean traveling to the grocery store without a mask. So, I joined my parents on a road trip to our hometown in Michigan by ways of the North Carolina route with a quick stop to visit some family in Asheboro. Although I was seeking adventure, what I received was a good dose of laughs and a great reminder that history always has a place in the present.

Asheboro and its nearby towns have so much charm, and in between the sweet tea stops and coffee shops, the antique malls and consignment shops are the best way to spend money. My favorite destination was adventuring into a quaint town called Troy, NC. to visit my new favorite antique store in America called Front Porch. I'm definitely not an expert antique collector, but I enjoy walking the well curated aisles and listening to stories about quality made products and how they were utilized in a time where instant gratification wasn't even in the dictionary.

After our shopping excursions completed, we enjoyed a refreshing beverage at Uwharrie Merchantile (link here) where they specialize in numerous menu items but are bragged on for frozen lavender lemonade and iced mocha latte!

For me, Asheboro reflects the real image of Americana. People wave as they drove by each other, restaurant servers know their guests names, and driving the mountains to look at the green well groomed yards adorned with American flags is a welcomed past-time. The trip reminded me people are kind and love is still abundant.

On a personal note, this journey was especially what I needed to help reflect on 2020 and remember although times are confusing and tough, not all time spent in 2020 is wasted. In life, including 2020, there are some really great opportunities to share memories, tell stories, and drink some sweet tea as if you were in the mountain of Asheboro, NC...



p.s. Below is an 18th century Regina Music Box Player (more info here) proudly displayed at my family's Asheboro house that has been past down through generations. Just imagine sitting around this by candlelight listening to the magical music come through - in our technology driven world today, this is truly a treasure! It was too special not to share...

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2 則留言


That music box player is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing!!


Robin Maddalena

What a lovely, peaceful journey. I felt like I could smell the mountain air 🥰 Thank you for sharing ~ ~ miss you!

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