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The Best Hair Products For Beachy Waves

**Make sure to check the links to get direct access to the products suggested

Do you struggle with what to do with your hair? Or fall into the category of "I want to do something different?" Curly hair girls want straight locks; and straight hair females tend to want to be a curly head. Its one of the female struggles in life! Probably not the biggest struggle...but an annoyance none the less. I have tested numerous products and am excited to share the 3 best hair styling products to give a natural beachy wave. No stickiness, no wet look, no damage!

I lived my life with fine straight hair for 35+ years and only in the last 3-5 years have unfamiliar (but welcomed) textured wavy strands found their way to my head. It could be age, it could be the salt air from going to the beach most weekends, or it could just be luck - Whatever the reason I’ll take it and build upon the natural state of my locks. With my new hair characteristic, I was determined to find a products that helped me get even more curl out of my natural wave.

I’m pretty sure I’ve found the best combination on the market and am sharing my results with you in case you are on the hunt too! You know the Green Blanket life is all about sharing!!

Before I share my favorite products, here's a little background: I ordered multiple solutions over the last few months, tested and experimented with them over a duration of time to provide an accurate analysis and effective results. I first started using each individually and if they had promise then I tried combining them with others for maximum wave and volume. There were also some that didn't make the cut; so that's where we'll start and then build up to the surefire best products I've ever used to get curly wavy beach hair.

Not Bad; But Not My Fave

  • Bumble and Bumble Surf Foam Spray - This was the first product I tried as a recommendation from a hair stylist, who used it on me in the salon and I loved how it worked the first time. So, when I bought it at home online and tried to recreate the look I didn’t hate it, but wasn’t sold it was the best product for me. It definitely gives curls more definition, but I couldn’t quite embrace the stickiness texture and how some strands looked clumped together or wet from uneven product distribution. I also felt like my hair at the roots were straighter and heavier than at the ends. For as expensive as Bumble and Bumble tends to be, this isn't one I'll be buying again to achieve curly locks.

The ones who won my heart...and curly hair!

Found online (here) and on Amazon (here). This is a pump spray you use after showering on wet hair or as touchup to dry hair. My friend recommended it to me as the brand she uses on her curly middle eastern heritage hair. Although we have different textured hair, she said Ouidad is the hidden secret of hair products most don't know about and was confident it would work. Once my hair was a few days past the last washing I tried this spray with hopes it would meet expectations. To my complete squeal excitement, along with my Dyson diffuser, this gave me the "out of the ocean water" salty curls I was looking for. I HIGHLY recommend this product and its now in my weekly routine of go-to products.

Now, this product experience really stole my heart! I was introduced to Prose during a weak moment scrolling Instagram while the smart robots inside my phone showed me an ad for this hair curling product. I took the bait and scrolled up on the ad to be whisked away to the Prose website. The website did not disappoint. In fact, its a clean and fresh approach to a tailored hair care routine. I was able to cater to exactly what I was looking for through a series of investigative questions about hair type, hair habits, and desired need. Once I landed on the Curl Cream I took a leap and bought one without any referral or point of reference. To my excitement, when the Prose box arrived it was completely curated and branded to me - with overall labeling, product instructions, and a great packaging.

My hope was this product worked as well as their marketing! With wet hair, I applied the cream generously throughout my hair with as minimal pulling or touching as possible and used my Dyson diffuser to lift the hair to my head in 6" sections. Immediately I fell in love with the results and thought "what if"...

Because I was so thrilled with both products, next time I wanted curly hair, I combined the Ouidad and Prose Curl Cream together. This is my absolutely favorite combination to create beachy waves in my hair...and its works every time!

I haven't found a full size bottle of this spray, but the travel size seems to last a long time because the product is so effective you don't need a ton! This spray is tough to say, but worth every mispronounced word for beachy hair. I find this is best used when you have cleaner hair and want to promote your natural wave in your hair. Use it on wet or dry hair and scrunch to the stands to the top of your hair line. It is light and non-sticky, but heavy enough to hold all day. I haven't combined this yet with my other products, because it can stand by itself for what I'm looking for in my products. I'm currently on a search for the large bottle...because my travel size is almost out.

Honorable Mention -

This isn't actually awarded "Honorable Mention" but its not exactly a hair care product and its definitely a KEY reason my hair can keep its curl. The Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer (here) and Diffuser attachment has elevated my curl game instantly. I was skeptical the price tag on this hair dryer was going to leave me disappointment and just a scheme to promote a recognizable brand name. But, alas sometimes the invests really do make a better product. I can dry my hair straight in record time when used alone and capture my natural wave with the diffuser with or without my favorite products. I recommend this investment...start saving the quarters found in your couch!

I'm pretty sure I'll be curiously searching for new products to help my fine straight hair elevate its curly waves alter-ego for the rest of my life. But for now, I'm very content with what I've found so far when I'm looking to get that salty air beach hair!



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