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The Green Blanket Is Real

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

I've been nudging myself for a year to create a blog destination where I can create, share, and inspire anyone looking for joy, balance, friendship, love, inspiration, ideas, great design and notable products. These are things I find bring me the most fulfillment throughout my day and felt compelled to share with the world. I think the world needs a little more of each of these to help it round some of the sharp edges we've grown accustom to accept. I searched for a proper name to help describe and encompass all that I wanted to share. It took me forever to realize I was under the perfect name the whole time...literally.

Just for reference, The Green Blanket is actually a real blanket in my household - in fact, I would say its the 1 item in my family all members have sought after at one point in time. I just happen to be the fortunate proprietary owner of this cherished gift given to my at a very young age by my grandmother...established early on as something never to part with no matter the bargaining chip. If anyone knows me well, they've heard of or seen the magical Green Blanket laying around unassuming in my home. I've realized, although its a highly valued tangible item, what's treasured more is what The Green Blanket stands for. It turns out it is a symbol for many parts of my life. It is warm at all times - and I strive to be that in my life. It is a symbol of love that only a grandma could give her grandchild - and love is at the core of who I am. It provides comfort no matter the situation - and providing this to anyone I meet is one of my ongoing life goals. It has stood the test of time without forgetting its purpose - and while my life is incredible; there have been some hard days and even harder situations, but I've always tried to stay grounded in the foundation of who I am and how I can serve others.

Whenever I come home, the Green Blanket draws me in without hesitation or thought. I instinctively sit on the couch and wrap myself up in it. So, I guess you could say I now recognize I unintentionally don't share it very well. Perhaps, writing my thoughts and ideas is the first step in acknowledging the need to share what I have always loved. That's how this passion project started to gain life. Sounds kinda silly that a simple blanket can do so much, but unless you know the comfort of The Green Blanket in person, you might not fully understand. Until we become closer friends, I hope this blog is the next best thing to sharing the actual Green Blanket with you in my home.



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23 ก.ค. 2563

It's so refreshing to read a post that is uplifting and full of warmth! Keep em coming!

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