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How I Remember My Vacations

Ever travel on vacation and buy something to remember it by and then realize 6 months later all it does is collect dust? Or find yourself with lots of little trinkets that sit on a shelf and loose their luster after the vacation glow wears off? I was right there with you until I married my minimalist husband. See, I naturally carry warm emotions in “things” that remind me of happy times and cherished memories. That’s probably never going to change; I am who I am...and I like her! When our worlds collided our vacation journeys were extensive and to brand new places, so I needed a way to hold on to the “glow” for as long as possible without needing to find more space to store our collections from traveling.

I‘ve traveled to Bahrain, to Kenya, from Puerto Rico to Mexico among visiting many US destinations in the last 10 years and figured out the best way to recollect those amazing trips over and over again. It combined my love for travel and my #1 vice - JEWELRY!!!

Every time I travel to a new destination I seek out a piece of jewelry that calls to me and I can take home to remind me of my journey every time I wear it. They don’t have to be expensive pieces and usually they aren’t - just something that speaks to my heart. 💛

Here are some examples of pieces I’ve bought over the years:

These earrings were bought on my most recent trip to Boone, NC for a girls trip. They were $12.99 and unlike anything else I already had. I bought them in a cute small boutique that smelled like Christmas and hosted many unique gifts to take home to loved ones.

This picture highlights the world of places I've fallen in love with during my travels. I'm so blessed to be able to live out my dreams and see the world, and every time I put these on I think about my adventures and how magical each place was.

1. The black American Indian earrings were bought at one of my best friends 40th birthday girls trip to Tahoe. This trip celebrated her while honoring our 20+ year of friendship and the fact that; while it wasn't always easy - we all made it to our forties...TOGETHER!

2. The beaded necklace of brown, orange, and green draped over the silver cuff was bought in Nairobi, Kenya at the Kazuri Bead Factory. This special place was started in a small shed on a coffee plantation to help women raise themselves up out of dependency and poverty - its am amazing place to experience and support! Read more about the story here

3. The red coral treasures are a few of my favorites and my go to items to wear when I want to feel good and connected to American heritage. These were bought in Silver, New Mexico where my parents went and met in college (Western New Mexico University). These were made by Larry Loretto from the Zuni Pueblo and other Zuni jewelry makers. I love wearing these because they feels like its a part of my history being connected to where my parents met. The silver and red coral weight and craftmanship was worth the investment.

4. As I was walking through the airport to return to Florida from visiting my family in Detroit, I noticed these bronze and black rubber hoops in one of the shops. I don't usually buy jewelry in airports, but I loved the story behind them and how the proceeds lifted women out of lives of trafficking. The rubber was made from recycled materials from the auto industry, representing "a second life." Detroit has a special spot in my heart as the place I from and grew up and I find myself frequently supporting artists, small biz, or anything Detroit themed. I don't know why, but there's a strange pride and grit I feel when I get to tell people I'm from there. I love what the city has re-created itself into, and like these women my purchase supported, the next chapter is going to be amazing!

5. The simple purple and pink beaded necklace is made with heavy line from fishing or diving equipment I found on my trip to Abacos Islands, Bahamas for a dear friends wedding. What I loved about this necklace is its simplicity and elegance - it didn't even have a clasp. The ends of the rope have weighted metal fish tags that allow you to drape back over your neck or tie in a bow to secure. The island stole my heart for being beautiful, serene, and slower than other Bahamian islands. Unfortunately, this tranquil place was the victim of the terrible hurricane a few years back and they are still trying to rebuild a home for locals and island lovers. So, I'm glad I have this piece of Abacos I can wear and remember a time of love, peace, and beauty!

I have so many more stories about most of my jewelry collection - many were purchased for specific reasons instead of for specific outfits. Then, as luck may have it, I find they always work with whatever I'm wearing and secretly think its because they bring me joy. When you are happy, you feel great in anything you wear!

This is what I've done to remember my travels over the years, I can't wait for the world to open up to travel and start collecting again! Inside every piece from an adventure a story exists!



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Nov 02, 2020

Love this idea and beautiful memories behind every piece!

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