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How To Save $150/mo & Still Rock Perfect Nails

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Anyone wish nail care was simple, easy, and pocketbook friendly? Well, I have news for you! As a self proclaimed connoisseur of ALL things nail related, I have found the only products you need for great looking and long lasting manicures you can do from home! BONUS: These products are actually GOOD for your fingernails - no more need to choose between beauty or healthy nails.

I've always struggled to keep a home-manicure to last more than a shower and constantly struggled with the decision to invest in salon options like gels or powders because I knew the damage it would do to my nail beds. A month long of beautiful salon purchased gels would result in months of damaged thin stubs after. I constantly battled internally - beautiful nails or healthy nail beds. This has been my life...forever. Although I am textbook tomboy on the weekends, I enjoy a career where I meet new people on a weekly basis and I believe a well manicured nail is the finishing touch on a great first impression.

I've seriously tested out thousands of products who claim they are the holy grail of strong nails, long lasting manicures, and the anti-chip solutions for thin brittle nails like mine. To my disappointment, the marketing was impressive but the products were less than their claims. Until one day, our friends at Instagram popped an ad up on my feed and I clicked in hopes of finding a product I could believe in (and blog about). To my delight, I found a product line that met all my expectations - so of course I had to buy all the colors and all the products to make sure I had enough in case they ever ran out.

This incredible nail company, called Olive & June, met all the requirements - maintained a

strong manicure for 7+ days (including showering and dishes), had a reasonable price point, including great educational tips and information on their website, and was actually HEALTHY for my nails! I have fallen in love with all their colors, use their nail polish remover religiously, am OBSESSED with their cuticle serum (I use it every day! It's an Allure 2019 Best of Beauty Award winner), and keep their tutorials called Olive University bookmarked on my website

favorites page. My favorite color is called CCT and its simply the best neutral I've ever worn while the best color kit in my option is the Sheer Set. I consider myself somewhat of a amateur professional when it comes to doing my own manicures. I've worked tirelessly over the last 30+ years at perfecting the home manicure by figuring out how to steady my non-dominant hand, keep the color off my cuticles, and creating the perfect shape to the top. So, having key tools to help me with my craft (or help others who are just learning) is something Olive & June provide as well with The Tool Box.

Other notable company I use with my new BFF's Olive & June is Ella + Mila. For a program to help nails restore themselves to health the best I've found is First Kiss and for the fastest drying nail finisher I've ever used I grab In A Rush.

As I was writing earlier, these fool-proof manicure products are all within a budget friendly price point and typically last up to 7+ days. So, I have no use for spending $30-50 per nail salon visit multiple times a month when I can get the same quality at home while watching Netflix or attending a Zoom conference call (I would never do that). I'll take that $150 and put it to good use somewhere else.



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