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Life Changing Products For A Glowing Face

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Do you buy skin care products from social media ads? Have a bathroom closet full of face products that don't work? Constantly looking for a facial line that delivers on its promises? One of the inspirations for The Green Blanket was to talk about products I discover and feel compelled to share with friends in case they are on the search for something more. Even with my sun-kissed Florida environment, there are specific products that help clean, exfoliate, moisturize, help with wrinkles + sun spots, and I use them religiously and endorse they work incredibly.

I almost titled this blog post "Let's Face It - We Are Getting Older." But, then thought it might not be the best way to engage readers. So, I opted for something else a little less direct and disappointing, especially since I share great info about face-care products I love and want you to keep reading. But, unfortunately the original title is a true sentiment and there's nothing we can do about growing old - It's going to happen. But there is something we can do to slow the process down a little - at least on the outside with great skin care routines.

*Make sure you click on the links within this page to take you directly to the product pages.

I'm really a no-fuss kinda girl; pretty laid back, don't mind wearing a t-shirt two days in a row or sharing my toothbrush with my husband if its an emergency (I some people might think that's gross, but my husbands dental care is very important to me). So, clearly not much bothers me but, which is great, but that also means I can easily fall in and out of routines. Although I'm working on my consistency, being inconsistent is naturally sort of my thing. However, there are some habits that I don't mess with and am always consistent with. When I analyze which ones don't ever waiver its interesting to formulate the list - 1. My hair (coloring is something I do at the salons and never at home by a loved one), 2. My nails (I'm very particular about the attention to detail so I do my own), and 3. My skin care routines (day and night, every day). There are other things like brushing my teeth and wearing deodorant that would make the list too, but those aren't as fun or notable to mention. Skin care seems to be the most controversial as far as what works and what doesn't - my bank account surely knows I've done the research.

Face care, particularly anti-aging routines, is quite a complicated and overpopulated topic. Products who claim to solve century old dilemmas never truly live up to the hype and seem to cost a fortune in unkept marketing promises. There is a lot of "noise" when it come to good quality products which make a difference. Celebrity endorsements, influencer paid positioning, and over saturated social media ads make decisions even more confusing. So, I set on a journey to identify my favorite items and picked three of my favorites who fall into different price categories: Investment and Value.

First Up, Skinceuticals - Dermaceuticals Category - Investment Price Point: Skinceuticals is by far my favorite brand when it comes to moisturizing, healing, and protecting delicate skin on the face and neck with its diverse offering of science-based products which show results when regularly used. My routine with Skinceuticals has evolved over the years and changed as my age increased and face needed specific areas of attention. Now, this product isn't available over the counter or in most retail locations. Most often, its sold by certified dermatology offices, med spa's, and plastic surgery centers. So, this product could prove to be a bit pricey, but I promise its worth the money. Truth be told, if I added up all the products I've bought over the counter that didn't work, this investment doesn't seem that bad when they actually deem results. They have a large portfolio of products that can tailor to all skin types and needs. I tend to have normal to dry skin and need some extra love for my sun damaged areas. So, here's what I recommend and I'm using right now:

Face Wash - I toggle between the Glycolic Renewal Cleanser Gel and Purifying Cleanser. Both products retail for $35 and can be purchased here or at your local skin care professional office found here.

  1. Moisturizers - Metacell is my current morning moisturizer with Resveratol BE as my night choice. The Resveratol has additional antioxidants that work while I sleep and firm up areas that need some extra TLC. (Fact: I'm obsessed with Resveratol and how it makes my skin so soft)

  2. Antioxidant Serums - These help prevent skin damage from the inside out. In my opinion, the best product on the market is Phloretin CF. Don't be scared by the price because the bottle lasts a long time. If you can budget it, I think the invest is worth the results.

  3. Other products I use are: H.A. Intensifer (love this one) and Discoloration Defense for sun spots and damage restoration.

Next Up, Value Price Point: The growing brand known as, Primally Pure. Now, if you aren't much of a dermatology or med-spa client or the price point doesn't really align with your budget, there are a lot of other great options. Primally Pure is one of my favorites, introduced to me through another blogger I follow named Jenna Kutcher.

This product has a lower cost than Skinceuticals, is non-toxic and organic, and can be bought online at here. I really like some specific products and most often will intertwine them with my skin routine mentioned above. My favorites are:

  1. The Cleansing Oil - Sounds funny to think about applying oil to your face. Isn't that what cleanser is suppose to get rid of? Well, this is a combination of essential oils, Green Tea ECGC, and Marula Oil (read the key ingredient section here for more information) when combined leaves your face feeling soft, smooth, clean, and healthy. Its a good break from my more intense cleansers and like that I'm not putting a ton of chemicals on my face.

  2. My #1 deodorant - and I won't be going back to store bought again is Lemongrass Deodorant from Primally Pure. If you like citrus and clean smelling this is delicious and stays all day long. It comes in other scents, but lemongrass is my choice hands down. It is non-toxic and organic - BUT WORKS!

  3. Everything Spray - It kinda does it all. It's a toner, a spray to reduce redness and ingrown hairs at shaved areas, and can even give a little help throughout the day if you live in humid states (like I do) and need some freshening up.

Another ADD you need for makeup remover is: The Original Makeup Eraser! You won't believe how well this patented cloth works taking off makeup with JUST water! This machine washable cloth has a removal side and a side that exfoliates. I give these out as gifts all the time - because, who doesn't want a clean face in half the time? I gave one to my best friend for her birthday and when she last visited she said she still loves this product! I love it too!

I remember my Grandma used to say "growing old ain't for sissy's" and she was absolutely right! I think growing old gracefully sounds nice and totally support embracing every age we grow to, but with all the hustle and stress we live under these days I don't think there's anything wrong with holding on to our youth as long as we can through great products that work. Plus, if you think of your face as something that is living, then giving it the things it needs to thrive is really a beautiful thing to do. And, who doesn't want to be beautiful?



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Sarah Bermudez
Sarah Bermudez
Aug 24, 2020

Those are two great products to start with!


Aug 24, 2020

You have been talking about that deodorant for a while! I gotta try it. Also, the makeup eraser seems like a necessity!!

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