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The Best Products for Soft Skin- I Know You'll Love Them!

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Skincare isn't an easy road. I've been searching for a quality body lotion that moisturizes, absorbs into my skin without being greasy, and help with the dry bumps on the back side of my arms for years. Over the counter products didn't seem to provide what I was looking for - soft skin results, silky consistency, fast absorbency, non-overbearing smell, natural ingredients, and reasonable price point - is that too much to ask for in a lotion? So I continued to search for a product I was happy with and could promote to my friends, but was initially reluctant to invest in products found on social media where I couldn't decipher if their reviews were marketing or actual feedback from clients. Thankfully, I didn't give up on my quest when I constantly was disappointed with products. I persisted and found these AMAZING products that met all my needs and can use daily. I also don't need an hour after applying to put on clothes; they absorb right into my skin to provide a great soft feel and look. Seriously, if you were to ask my favorite daily routine products (besides my #1 deodorant - see post here) these lotion options outlined below are them!


*Don't forget to click on the links for a fast pass to the product websites mentioned below

  1. OSEA - Pretty much all their products have proven to be amazing, but specifically I use the Osea Undaria Alga Body Oil every time I get out of the shower or need to attack arm and leg dryness. I was introduced to Osea from an Instagram Ad and was hesitant until I researched its ingredients, company values, and reviews from users. The key ingredient is Undaria Seaweed along with other oils from recognizable + pronounceable seeds and fruits. Ultimately, the WOW factor that sold me was how it felt when applied and how quickly it made my skin soft and glowing. Over time, as I applied daily, the dry spots on the back of my arms went away without the prescriptions my dermatologist said I would need. The 5 oz. bottle lasts about 3-5 months for me so the price point of about $50 wasn't too much of a splurge (it can be found online at or at Ulta stores).

  2. Other OSEA products I've added to my skin repertoire are Salts Of The Earth Body Scrub (in the shower for soft but effective exfoliation extra hydration) and Hyaluronic Sea Serum (use after cleaner and before moisturizer for added boost of antioxidants). Salts Of The Earth Body Scrub is by far my favorite scrub I've tried! I use it 2-3 times a week in the shower and the Hyaluronic Sea Serum in weekly in circulation with some of my regular morning+night routine products (see blog post here about my regular face routine).

  3. Primally Pure has a great body oil also called, Lemongrass Body Oil, I use rather frequently. Its a product line introduced to me by Jenna Kutcher's blog and her review of the all natural product line got me curious so I tried a few out myself. Of course if you read this blog you know I ONLY use their all natural + non-toxic deodorant, and now I've adopted their Body Oil into my regimen as well. I prefer the Lemongrass scent (prefer Lemongrass over most scents), but they also have Blue Tansy & Lavender options. This product comes in great travel sizes, so I always pack them when headed out on the road for overnight business or travel.

  4. Lastly, is a new product I've discovered that has blown my mind and helped in just a few months of usage. Skinceuticals new products called Neck, Chest & Hand Repair, does exactly as it names states...but better than any product I've ever used. As I get older and refuse to stay away from the sun or beach (although I am a devout SPF user) I'm finding the skin on my hands and neck specifically are indicating my aging more than any other place on my body. Using Neck, Chest & Hand Repair lotion regularly has hydrated these focus areas and made a significant difference in slowing down the signs of pre-mature aging and wrinkles. Its texture is soft and absorbs quickly (which as stated above is clearly is a hot topic for me) and it doesn't have much smell at all; so it doesn't compete with other products or perfumes. Its definitely my new FAVORITE product I'm using right now. Check out the website for how to order or where its sold at local Dermaspa's and Dermatologists.


Skincare is definitely a personal journey with multiple route options, off the map detours, and wrong-way directions. I'm not a certified expert, I just know what I like and has worked for what I needed. As I've found products over the years I really believe in my inner voice has pushed me to share in case it helps someone else on a similar road. This incessant nudge to share with friends when I really love something is truly the groundwork purpose of this blog, The Green Blanket. I will constantly explore new products, ideas, and experiences to bring the best to the forefront in hopes it positively impacts someone who has invited me into their time. With that said, I promise these brands may be exactly what you are looking for.



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