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Why I Joined The Peloton Family

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

In a few days I'll join the Peloton family. Honestly, I avoided it for as long as I could, but secretly knew it was bound to happen. But, truth be told, I fought it simply because I didn't want to jump on the bandwagon. I'm not much of a conformist; I tend to like to fly under the radar and purposefully not buy into new trends or "must-have products" until I understand the value vs. the glamour. I avoid buying the newest model of the iPhone when released (mine old one works just fine), I don't embrace the newest trends of high waisted anything, and generally prefer to support small businesses + handmade unique products over mass produced popular items. I will say I can be convinced quicker if there is a product endorsement or reference from someone I know or respect. So, this is my documented journey into the Peloton family - in case anyone else is on the fence.

Needless to say, in the beginning I just couldn't understand the Peloton craze. Then Covid19 happened...


The pandemic that cause the whole world to turn upside down and changed our society in a matter of a few weeks brought me closer to the idea of life simplification, building a life where I didn't need to leave home often, and understanding how a Work From Home routine could quickly impact a waistline. Clearly there were some positive steps forward and a few steps backwards.

Our first step to "Covid19 body redemption" was creating a home gym so we didn't need to leave our home. The convenience factor was HUGE and it really helped keep me accountable to working out 4-5 days a week. We eventually built a weight room that satisfied my retired Navy Chief gym expectations and goals I set for myself. We found ourselves for the first time in our marriage working out together. A lot.

Back to the Peloton...because our our new found routines at "The B Home Gym" I started thinking about stepping up my workout game and introducing cardio back into my life. I jump roped for a while, rode my road-bike periodically, even borrowed a bike trainer to incorporate in the garage as a training tool. Nothing really helped me fall back in love with cardio. I'm very much an experience shopper - and its a curse when I seek enjoyment from things that aren't much fun. Cardio is something I need to enjoy the "experience" in order for it to stick as a habit.

In June, I traveled to my college best friends house I Charleston, who has a Peloton. The ENTIRE visit I eye balled that piece of bike art every time I walked up and down the stairs. It seemed as if it was staring at me; taunting me to try it out. I can proudly claim I resisted all temptation the first trip because I knew the minute I rode on it I would be purchasing one. And as I said earlier, I was in a phase of simplification - I didn't need a Peloton. Especially when I already had a bike trainer, plenty of road to run on, and a jump rope.


A few weeks later, I returned to my friends house for another long weekend and quietly discussed internally with my conscious I would allow a "test ride" on the Peloton, but if I liked it I would need to wait one month before I bought it. This plan would assure myself if I still wanted it after that much time then it wouldn't loose its luster and be an instant gratification "want" that didn't get used. So, I unassumingly and shyly announced to my husband and my friends,"I think I might just try the Peloton for a few minutes, but I won't do a full class. I just want to see what it's like." As good as I thought I sold the act, they were so quick to my game...they had placed bets on how quickly I would purchase one after my first ride. I completed the full class.

So, I waited 3 weeks (almost a month) and looked my husband in the eye one night and said..."I'm going to by a Peloton." He smiled as if he already knew. Due to Covid19, I've waited two months for my bike to arrive (I guess everyone else was focused on their fitness too) and now my personal investment arrives this week. I'm still very excited which is a good sign for my commitment to being consistent and use my new Peloton as a tool ramp up my exercise and serve to hang laundry. I'm counting down the days like a kid at Christmas. I can't wait to take the virtual classes, compete against strangers, and challenge some actual friends to help push me to my limits! Send me your Member names and I'll challenge you to a ride!

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